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Monetize Your Content | The Highest Paying Bitcoin Advertising Services For Publishers

So you have a blog or a website and you’re interested in monetizing it. There are several ways to do so regardless of whether you have a million visitors a day or just a couple people. (Hey, we all started there)

Anyhow, searching for the best crypto Ad platforms (that actually pay publishers) is a daunting process, and searching through all the BS for legitimate ways to get paid for your hard work is a great way to end up cross eyed and with a headache..

So we have done the heavy lifting for you.

giphy-1In this article you’ll find the top paying crypto advertising platforms for publishers looking to capitalize (get paid) off their content. But first a quick overview of CPM ads.

What are CPM ads?

CPM (cost per thousand impressions) advertisements are a great way to earn income with your blog. CPM advertising pays you according to the amount of impressions received on an advertisement.

What is CPM

An “impression” means a single instance of an advertisement appearing on your website. This means that even if your readers are not clicking on your blog’s ads, with CPM ads, you can still get paid.

Note: To ensure a better income from CPM ads, be sure to place them in prominent positions on your site.

You might find CPM ads very appealing, but they work best for bloggers who get a high volume of traffic. If you are driving traffic in the area of thousands of visitors per day, then you can get a good amount of money from CPM ads.

Most CPM networks pay $1 to $10 per one thousand impressions (depending upon various factors).

1. CoinTraffic

Screenshot 2018-03-19 15.38.38.png

Cryptocoins Advertisers: CoinTraffic

CoinTraffic is an advertising agency for the cryptocoins community with advertising on more than 500 crypto related websites. CoinTraffic both runs advertising campaigns, in case you want to increase your website’s views and provides advertising traffic revenue on publishers on which its ads appear. It can grants a lot of ad formats such as slide banner, static banner for desktop and mobile, popup under for desktop and mobile and sticky footer banner.

Pros: Probably the most professional between the cryptocoins advertisers; used by the most important cryptocurrency sites; it grants a good revenues; high quality for the advertising banners.

Cons: No referral program; after the registration, you have to be contacted by a sales manager; not all the ad formats can be freely used; payment isn’t immediate.

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2. Bitraffic

Screenshot 2018-03-19 15.36.13

If you are looking for new and quality clients you have to register on Bitraffic, because it reaches thousands of customers in a matter of hours.

As advertisers, allows you to create a campaign advertising in less than 5 minutes without contracts or complications, and best of all is that you can start with only $ 10.

As publishers, they offer CPM and CPC display banners for their editors while guaranteeing the best offers in the market.

Pros: No minimum traffic required to join; content based and country targeted ad campaigns; payments issued on user’s request via PayPal, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin; minimum withdraw amount of $10.00 USD.

Cons: Quite new, so should be tested; ask for a CTR minimum.

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Screenshot 2018-03-19 16.01.52.png

CoinZilla is another promising Bitcoin Advertising Network. CoinZilla claims to provide the quality ads service for the advertiser worldwide and also fast website approval for the publisher.

If you have the Cryptocurrency related website and want to monetize it with the CoinZilla then this post can help you to understand more about the CoinZilla Advertising Network.

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A-Ads (Anonymous Ads), is a bitcoin advertising network which does not collect any personal data. It has been around for a long time and is a very reputable service.

To earn, publishers do not even need to register on the platform, they merely need to select an ad unit type, filter ads that can be displayed on their website, and set their withdrawal parameters. Publishers are paid per unique impressions, possibly on a daily basis, and can also earn through referred sales, depending on the advertisers.

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Screenshot 2018-03-19 19.25.27.png

It is not easy for publishers to work with Coinad, as they can only be accepted by invite. By only accepting trusted, high-traffic websites, they make sure advertisers get their money’s worth. Statistics given are rather limited, but the ad fill rate is great and, according to a few of those who’ve tried the network, publishers are well paid.

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Screenshot 2018-03-19 19.26.09.png

Mellow Ads is a veteran in the market, and it can help your website either earn a lot, or a little, depending on the quality of your traffic. Reportedly, it pays per unique click or view, which means a lot of returning users may essentially mean publishers will not earn as much as they would expect. They only approve high-quality websites, but claim to give publishers 90% of what they get from advertisers.

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BitMedia is a bitcoin advertising network or platform. It helps you to monetize the crypto-specific websites. You can sell or buy the ad space on the website which is related to the crypto-Specific Content Website.

This ad network is good for the Crypto related Niche Site. This ad network is same as CoinTraffic. is an advertising platform for the crypto-specific related Niche websites. It delivers more than 3.6 million ad impressions daily with almost 4000+ active website. This Company having a head office in the UK at Whateleys Drive, Kenilworth. It is one of the oldest ad network and best for BitCoin related niche website.

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Publishers can earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by selling ad space on their websites. The above mentioned ad networks are the best we’ve found and used and can help you to increase your income by monetizing your blog.

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